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Paris Attitude is a furnished rental agency which offers 5,000+ apartments from studios to 6 bedrooms in central Paris.
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© Faungg

An ideal saturday in the 6th Arrondissement

On the Left Bank of Paris is one of the liveliest areas of the city: the 6th arrondissement. In the 20th century, it became home to many artists and writers, and it hosts some famous […]

© Haneburger

Top 5 Tearooms to check out in Paris

We may say it, London no longer has a monopoly on tearooms ! At snack time in the afternoon, Parisian tearooms are filling up, in a warm, welcoming atmosphere, with customers looking for a tasty […]

© Paris Sharing

The famous Flea markets of Paris

Although the concept of the flea market dates back to the Middle Ages, it was not until the 1880s that sellers, driven from the city, became established outside the city. The Paris flea markets have […]

© Christine Zenino

Three Must-Reads for Paris-Lovers

Nobody likes homework, especially when you’re about to embark on a lovely visit to Paris! But what if that little bit of extra-curricular reading could give you a real insight into the city and its […]

© Knowtex

Discover the gigantic National Natural History Museum of Paris

An essential museum in Paris, the National Natural History Museum has existed for over 400 years. The Museum is dedicated primarily to nature and its relationship with humans, by studying the past but working for the […]

© Tusco

Guignol, the most famous of all French marionettes

While Guignol is originally a Lyon institution, he is no less well-known and appreciated by young and old alike. Thus, in the heart of Paris, you can still attend many Guignol shows. Here are 2 […]

© Westher

Some countryside in Paris

When you visit a city like Paris, it’s hard to imagine that there might be places resembling little rural villages, right here in the heart of the city. Today, we will share with you a […]

© Blueelephant.com

4 unusual Restaurants to discover in Paris

Paris and its gastronomy … a whole story. If the capital overflowing with culinary specialties and restaurants on every street corner, there are some which, while they might not be in your tour book, still […]

© Vincent Bourdon

Paris Top 15 Pastry shops – The best Pâtisseries in Paris

When you think of Paris, you think of romance in the City of Light, but most of all gastronomy ! Beyond its famous restaurants, the city also offers the finest sweets in France. It’s hard to […]

®Experimental Cocktail Club

Discover the Speakeasies of Paris

With a new collection of trendy cocktail hotspots popping up across Paris, we share our favourite drinking dens for those in the know : the Speakeasies.   The Experimental Cocktail Club Single-handedly responsible for a […]