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Stay in your Parisian apartment with your mind at peace:

Your AXA comprehensive home insurance is complementary!

When you go through Paris Attitude to rent your Paris apartment, you are guaranteed to be systematically insured against rental risks during your stay.


Indeed, the Axa comprehensive home insurance is now available, regardless of the length of your stay.


Since taking out a comprehensive home insurance before moving into a Parisian apartment is mandatory to protect you in case of disaster, Paris Attitude wanted to go even further in the way it assists you and decided to simplify the booking process by taking charge of the underwriting procedures for the comprehensive home insurance.


By choosing one of the 6,000 apartments from our catalog, you choose to stay in our beautiful City of Lights with absolute peace of mind.


In France, when the apartment you occupy is damaged, liability is attributed either to the tenant or to the owner of the apartment. That’s why each of them must be insured independently. If a disaster occurs during the term of your tenancy, your liability will be incurred. The tenant of a lodging is always liable to the lessor for damage caused during their stay (damage to furniture and walls, detriment to neighbors, fire, water damage, theft, etc.).

Here are the warranties and compensation associated with your Axa comprehensive home insurance:

Property damage following a fire, explosion, water damage

Up to 1 500 000€

Neighbors and third-party liability

Up to 450 000€

Damage to property belonging to the owner of the apartment

Up to 2 500€

To learn more, you can download the special conditions here

With Paris Attitude, you can book your apartment peacefully.

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