Get together in 12th district to visit the famous Vincennes Zoo

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The 12th district is the neighborhood to live in. Everyone has a little spot in their heart for this quiet area which lies next to the Place de la Nation. Small shops, department stores, and markets liven up people’s daily lives in the 12th district. Beyond just living there, Paris Attitude can help you discover its charms.

Take a stroll full of Parisian delight

The Green Corridor Walk is not a well-known Parisian landmark. It connects the Bastille neighborhood with both the Golden and Vincennes gates. 4.5km long and 7 meters above the ground, it runs over a former railway line and offers walkers a magnificent panoramic view of the city.

French gastronomy to tickle the taste buds

“Maison Cailleaud”: This bakery’s baguettes feature among the TOP 10 best in the world. If you’re walking along the Cours de Vincennes, pop in and taste some. This delicious example of French culinary heritage is waiting for you!

“The Pullman Orient Express”: This is the perfect restaurant for a romantic dinner with a difference. Sit opposite each other on a train seat overlooking the banks of the Seine. This restaurant serves up a real French haute-cuisine menu.

“The Red Baron”: This is a real Paris institution where you can try some of the best French wines in a relaxed and authentic atmosphere. We recommend that you accompany your wine tasting with a platter of artisan hams. And, before you leave, don’t forget to buy a bottle of your favorite wine.

Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate!

If you are searching for genuine Fair Trade chocolate then Puerto Cacao is the place! As well as tasting some of the best chocolate in the world, you can find out about how Fair Trade cocoa is produced. To be honest, this store offers chocolate in all of its varieties: hot chocolate, blocks of chili flavored chocolate, chocolate with pureed blueberries, and hundreds of other flavors that combine to tempt your taste buds.

Vincennes Zoo

The days when lions survived in cages that measured just 2m² are long gone. Today, Vincennes Zoo is home to more than 180 different species of animals in living conditions that recreate the wild. This place of education and discovery offers a real escape from Parisian life.

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