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The 20th arrondissement (district) is well known and appreciated for its diversity and authenticity, and it is also perfect for families. It is ideally situated for both weekends and work, with key attractions such as its celebrated theaters, the Père Lachaise cemetery, and the Notre Dame churches as well as easy connections from the main roads to business areas.

Affordable rents and plenty to do

This is a neighborhood where rents are affordable and where young adults find plenty to fill their evenings, especially in the Belleville area.

Bars: For rock music, cocktails, exhibitions, and DJs, head to Cat People on Rue Victor Letalle.

An evening out: Concerts are held in the Golden Arrow, a converted old train station. Later in the evening, a DJ sets the atmosphere, making it a must for nightlife.

Sport: Swimming is fun and it exercises every muscle. The Alfred Nakache Pool is on Rue Denoyez.

Not to be missed

The Père Lachaise Cemetery is one of the finest in Paris. Full of history, with an eclectic selection of graves, it is perfect for a romantic escape or a run.

The avenues of Ménilmontant are full of cafés and restaurants, as well as bazaars and stores from different countries. The oriental pastries are to die for!

Three unmissable restaurants

Are you looking for culinary diversity? If so, the 20th arrondissement is known for its Chinese restaurants. One is WEN Zhou-Chez Alex, located on Rue de Belleville.

Le Baratin, on Rue Jouye-Rouve, has a style that is friendly and a little more bistro chic. However, the restaurant that really has both the critics and the public excited is Chatomat on Rue Victor Letalle.

For unforgettable weekends

Our favorite: Mama Shelter is perfect for enjoying cocktails or brunch in its oasis-like atmosphere

Bookstores: Browsing a bookstore is a great activity, and finding the right one is important. One of the best in Paris is Le Merle on Rue de Bagnolet.

Theater: The Ménilmontant Theater has three auditoriums from different eras, making it an ideal venue for enjoying an evening of drama.

The most suitable locations

In the generally quiet quarters of the 20th arrondissement, housing is affordable. With its authentic and heterogeneous mix, the Belleville neighborhood is a diverse community full of history and artistic culture.
Picturesque and cosmopolitan, the Père Lachaise Park is a cool place to visit, yet romantic enough for an evening stroll. Explore the Père Lachaise Park.

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