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France Travel Tips: administrative formalities and practical information

By Paris Attitude | | Read : 5 min

France is one of the best places to choose in case of relocation somewhere in the world for long term purposes (studies, work, etc.) because of its touristic places, social life and culture.

This article aims at informing travelers on the administrative formalities related to the trip to France, as well as giving him practical ideas on the stay in the country.

Parisian Public Transport


With its abundance of regular and reliable public transportation systems, both getting to Paris and traveling around the city is easy. From exploring the city's attractions to office or college commuting, you're never far from a convenient method of transport.

By Paris Attitude | | 5 min

Understanding the French housing benefits and the eligibility


Before travelling to France, you must enquire about the country's culture and habits as well as the legal disposition and security schemes to facilitate the stay, especially in case of long term stay. The purpose of this article is to enlighten travelers for job, study, medical or other reasons on how to better understand housing benefits and eligibility in France.

By Paris Attitude | | 7 min

Checklist: How to prepare for studying in France?


Regarding non-English speaking countries, France is the first country attracting students from all over the world. The majority of foreigners studying in France come from Morocco, China, Algeria, Tunisia and Italy. French education system is indeed known to be one of the best in the world. 

By Paris Attitude | | 6 min

American Expats in Paris: Way to make American Friends

Tenant Expats Paris

Whatever your reasons for moving to Paris, making new friends will be an important and exciting part of the adventure.

The first few weeks will find you busy settling into your new environment while taking the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Parisian culture around you.

As the weeks go on, however, to minimize the risk of homesickness or isolation, it's important to take proactive steps towards making new friends and searching out other American expats in Paris.

By Paris Attitude | | 3 min

The rising popularity of medical tourism in France


Medical tourism has been around since the time of the Egyptians, and is still prevalent in the 21st century. In fact, this kind of tourism is actually on the rise thanks to a combination of economic and technical factors.

People want readily available, high quality healthcare covering a range of ailments at cost-effective prices, and France is actually very well placed to deliver on those expectations. Let’s take a look at the reasons why France is becoming such a popular destination for medical treatments.

By Paris Attitude | | 4 min

Why does France attract so many foreign students?

Student Tenant

If you're in the lucky position of being able to study in another country there are many options open to you. Studying in a different country has many benefits that go beyond the classroom.

By Paris Attitude | | 6 min

Expat New-comers: Here’s why your employer isn’t able to get you an apartment of your choice.


Have you ever asked yourself why a lot of newly-appointed Paris-based foreign employees spend a lot of months in Hotels before they can settle in their new home?This is pretty easy to understand. 

Most human resources’ managers don’t deal with relocation issues when it comes to welcoming a new team member from another country.

By Paris Attitude | | 4 min

How to Move to Paris? Discover our tips | Paris Attitude


Moving to a new country whether it's on your own or with your family is a big step to take. Our aim at Paris Attitude is to help your move go as smoothly as possible. Below are a few helpful tips we've put together about how to move to Paris.

By Paris Attitude | | 3 min

Foreign Student in Paris: Who said you can’t afford renting a furnished apartment?


A furnished student apartment is the best choice you can get, most especially if you’re a student.

By Paris Attitude | | 4 min
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