Foreign Student in Paris: Who said you can’t afford renting a furnished apartment?

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A furnished student apartment is the best choice you can get, most especially if you’re a student.


Having made your way to Paris for studies, there are lots of important factors that can have a huge influence on your academic performance of which living in a conducive and convenient apartment is one of them.

It’s commonly known that furnished apartments in Paris are quite expensive though they are pretty much exquisite, which of course, most foreign students won’t have financial means to pay on their own. As a foreign student there might be a lot of bills you would want to cover up in school and you might not be able to have a strong budget that could get you a Parisian furnished apartment.

Nevertheless, you can’t rule out getting a nice furnished apartment in Paris just because you think you can’t afford one. I can assure you that, as a student in Paris who doesn’t have much, you can still systematically combine some stuff that can enable you to raise your budget to be able to rent a furnished apartment.

A lot of people tend to think that coming from a middle-class family equals impossibility to rent a furnished apartment in Paris. That’s a huge mistake. As a foreign student, there’s something you ought to do in order to make your renting experience quite easier. I’ll share with you some of the tips that can help you enjoy a Parisian furnished apartment renting experience as an international student of a middle class family.

Let’s get started.

Your budget plan

You as a foreign student with limited financial resources, you don’t have people to call on to all the time to get huge sum of money. it’s therefore very important that you put in place proper plans for the little money you have at hand. You can cut some unnecessary costs so that you can have more money for your apartment rental fee.

You can reduce the amount you spend on transportation in a month, cut your expenses on junks and partying. From all these, you can at least save some money and add it onto your rent budget. I can not give you a budget breakdown of how you should spend your money because it’s quite personal. Just highlight and try to work on areas where you know you spend excessively when it’s not really important.  

Take up part time jobs

As a student, and depending on your type visa, you have access to part time job opportunities for allocated hours within a week depending on your school’s schedule.

There are lots of jobs you can engage yourself in within the free hours you have. You will get paid hourly for some jobs while some might insist on paying you monthly, all well and good. If you’re paid daily, make sure you have a very good savings where you can accumulate the money to meet up your well furnished apartment budget.

It is so advisable for students in this category to collect their payment as salary i.e. monthly, though that’s if you have the choice to decide what you want. Some of the part time part time job positions that you can get as a student include childcare services, shop assistant, stock and business analyst, tour guide on weekends, English private tutor and lots more. All these can fetch you a reasonable amount of money within few months which you can gather to rent a Parisian furnished apartment.

Research for better offers online

With no doubt, most Parisian furnished apartments are quite expensive and that’s why most people tend to believe it’s not easy for international students with low-income to rent such apartments. But I can tell you that there are lot of offers for you as a student which can get you a furnished apartment at an affordable price.

For instance, Paris attitude have special offers for students in Paris which would enable them get a furnished apartment at a minimal cost. Just make sure you’re updated with promotion offers from them and if you don’t have direct access to the internet yourself, just make sure you’re getting updates from friends.

Engage yourself in personal businesses

I can boldly tell you that you don’t necessarily have to rely on anyone before you live large as a student in Paris. What I would share here is like an alternative to the above-mentioned points. Some students might not want to get involved in part time jobs because there might be complications with it.

As a student you can engage in activities like photography, go out for events on weekends and work as an event photographer or you do some freelancing work. If you have skills in writing or graphic design, you can sign up with services like fiverr, freelancer or any of the freelancing platforms where you can work for people and get some money which you could help you pay your furnished apartment rent.    

Finding and applying for scholarships

This is one of the coolest means for international students to live “luxuriously” in Paris. As an international student with low income background, you have access to a lot of scholarships managed and granted by various groups and universities.

Some scholarship organizations grant funds that will cover all your expenses for an entire year which you can renew the following year depending on various conditions. Keep yourself updated about any public or private grants and make sure you apply for as many as possible and off course you can rest assured that at least you’ll get one of the grants.

As a student, this is really the biggest -and probably the best- means of access to a comfortable accommodation in Paris.

Negotiate with a rental agency

Real Estate or rental agencies, like Paris attitude, offer apartment rental services in Paris. Most of these agencies have special offers to every category of individuals or families. They offer long term and vacation rental services at affordable rates.

They will work with your budget and help you come up with the best apartment you can afford. International students with limited financial resources that are interested in renting furnished apartments in Paris can get in touch with Paris attitude. Rest assured of getting a very nice apartment with your budget.

Now, as an international student, you shouldn’t be worried again about getting a furnished apartment in Paris. Who said you can’t get a Parisian furnished apartment?

I just hope that, if you happen to meet people with such à priories, you’ll show them that it is possible for them to live a conveniently comfortable Parisian life in a furnished apartment in Paris.

With the hope that the points discussed in this article will be useful to you or anyone you know, don’t forget that living comfortably needs to be every student’s priority since this is a basic human right and the only way to really focus on what matters; your STUDIES.

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