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Moving to a new country is always an exciting time, a real adventure whether you're relocating on your own or with your family. Part of the fun is finding somewhere to live in a district near your place of work, university or college. At Paris Attitude, we have a wide portfolio of furnished apartments in the city making us ideally placed to help you find your new home from home. 

Despite being a capital city, the different arrondissements of Paris all have unique characteristics and communities along with their own attractions, shopping opportunities, and cultural events. Together, they bring a welcoming village atmosphere to the city, making Paris the ideal destination for expat life.

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Why choose to live in Paris?

Expats living in Paris will give you many reasons for their choice of city. It is often a new job, a university degree or a course of study that brings expats to Paris but the city's charm doesn't take long to draw them in and make them want to stay as long as possible.

Parisians consider their city the epitome of culture making it Europe's, if not the world's, capital of art, fashion, wine, and, of course, fine dining. Elegantly wide boulevards lined with high-end designer shops give way to quirky cobbled backstreets where residents from all parts of the globe enjoy intellectual debates in bars and bistros.

One thing Parisians do like and consider important for acceptance is a sophisticated sense of style, whether this is displayed in your home or through the clothes you wear. Develop just a little of this Parisian style and you'll fit right into your new life in Paris.

sorbonne university in Paris

From the austere delights of Notre Dame to the stunning beauty of the Sacré-Cœur in arty Montmartre, to the tourist fun of the Eiffel Tower and some of the world's best art collections in the Louvre, Paris is full to the brim of tourist attractions.

Once these have been fully explored, it's the time to look under the surface and reveal the city's intriguing past of revolution and conspiracy, love and literature.

To the Parisian a careful balance between work, family life, and leisure time is vital, so alongside the rich cultural tapestry of city life, expats living in Paris will discover and enjoy a laid-back way of life.

Work days are punctuated with leisurely meals and days off are given over to catching up with new friends and colleagues.

How can Paris Attitude help you?

Like any move to a new country or city, adjusting to the Parisian way of life takes a little time and can throw up some challenges, especially with the varied mix of traditions and languages you will encounter. At Paris Attitude, we aim to make the transition to Parisian life as smooth as possible.

Our multilingual advisors are always on hand to help you with renting apartments in Paris and will also answer any queries you may have about city life. The pages of our website are full of useful insider tips and information.

These tell you everything you need to know from the characteristics of the city's different arrondissements right down to how to find the right school for your children.

Our informative pages cover an eclectic range of subjects from how to move with your pet to which newspapers are available.

Cultural events, sporting venues, how to travel around the city, and where to find the best shopping districts are all popular topics that we cover in depth. Y

ou can also find information on the cost of living in different districts and help with deciding whether to live amidst the bustle of the city center or in a quieter, leafier suburb. And, when you've located the perfect apartment for your new life, Paris Attitude will guide you through every stage of the contract and the process of moving in.

Some quirky insider tips

From conversations with many expats happily living in Paris, we've discovered some slightly quirky tips that might help you settle smoothly into your new life. 

  • Find some good local maps that fit neatly into your bag or handbag such as the '3 plans par arrondissement' series. They are packed with useful information on everything from transport systems to restaurants.
  • Find a good bakery in your district and use it regularly. They will soon get to know you and it will become a place to pick up some useful local information.
  • Don't ignore the locksmith adverts that constantly arrive in your mailbox. The sheer amount of locksmiths in the city tells its own tale. In your excitement to explore the city, locking yourself out of your apartment is easy to do!
  • Finally, learning the beautiful French language means you can immerse yourself fully in your new Parisian life.

Once you arrive in the beautiful and romantic city of Paris, it won't be long before you'll be enjoying the expat life to the full especially with Paris Attitude on hand to guide you through the process of finding just the right apartment for your needs.

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