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Paris Attitude is a real estate agency in Paris specialized in temporary and long term furnished rentals. We offer a wide range of furnished and fully equipped apartments in all district of Paris.
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Paris Attitude
Founded in 2001, Paris Attitude is a real estate agency, specialized in temporary and long term stays in Paris. Paris Attitude provide a fine selection of over 6000 furnished apartments covering all of the districts and neighbourhoods of Paris. The agency is attentive to each expatriates’ requirements in order to find them the best ready-to-live apartment during their stay.

Furnished Apartment Hunting : What Is The Perfect Size ?

By Paris Attitude | | Read : 3 min

Whether you intend on living by yourself or sharing an apartment with your loved ones, the place needs to meet your basic needs. In most cases, when looking for apartments to let, you find that the most common apartments are studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom apartments. When it comes to apartment hunt, there are several key factors that one has to consider.

Tips to avoid rental scams when apartment hunthing


As a foreign student in Paris, France, it’s important to get comfortable, safe, and affordable accommodation in a great location if you are to continue your studies abroad. But finding the perfect apartment can be a difficult task that requires a ton of your time and effort. 

By Paris Attitude | | 4 min

Find The Right Babysitter !


No matter where you are in the world, it’s never an easy job finding the perfect person to take care of your young ones. For parents living in a foreign country, this can sometimes feel like an impossible task. 

If you are expat parents living in France, there are several routes you can take to find the right babysitter to take care of your kids. In this article, we take a look at some of the most effective ways for you to ensure that you find the absolute best person for the job. Someone trustworthy and reliable that both you and your kids will adore. 

By Paris Attitude | | 4 min

Driving In France : Switch Your Foreign Driving License


If you are an expat or foreign student living in France, then you can drive using a foreign license for a while. The country recognizes driver’s licenses issued by many countries. However, after a certain period of time, about a year, in most cases, you will need to exchange your driving license for a French one. 

By Paris Attitude | | 4 min

Build Your Ideal Rental File


As a student or working professional looking to rent a place in France, you are required to produce certain documents before you can be approved for accommodation. These documents make up what is known as a ‘rental file’. This file proves to the owner of the property you’re looking to rent that you not only have a right to be in the country but also that you have the means to pay your rent on time every month. It’s a good idea to have your rental file prepared in advance, and it’s important to ensure that your file is good if you want to secure your dream home in the quickest and most convenient way possible. In this article, we take a look at some of the best practices to follow when building your rental file. 

By Paris Attitude | | 3 min

8 Essential Tips For Future Expat

Expats Paris

An expat is exposed to a lot of opportunities to expand and grow as an individual. From picking up new skills to traveling the world, meeting new people, and learning about other cultures, there’s a lot that living abroad has to offer. Whether you’re already in your new host country, or if you are still preparing to go there, here are 8 tips to help you experience success as an expat.

By Paris Attitude | | 4 min

Best Places To Study In Paris


Paris is an amazing city with a lot of interesting activities and sights to offer. But when it comes to finding spots where you can experience a bit of peace and quiet, that list isn’t nearly as long as the city’s many attractions. Luckily, we’ve researched all the convenient study spots around the city where you will be able to study and work without interference! 

By Paris Attitude | | 6 min

How Are Millennials Changing The Nature Of Business Travel Now?


It’s vital for employers to understand the expectations, habits, and needs of millennials - the generation born in the years between 1980 and 2000. This is crucial to the future success of almost all businesses today. 

By Paris Attitude | | 4 min

Paris in winter: things to do in December, January and February

Discover Paris

Winter in Paris, what a magical season! The thermometer of course drops a little lower. But the decreased temperatures provide an opportunity to finally wear that superb warm and fashionable coat purchased at the beginning of the season.The lower temperatures also create the perfect conditions to see snow fall on the capital's rooftops, lending the city a simply enchanting appearance.Shorter days and very early nightfall? That gives you the chance to spend time exploring a different side of Paris before going to dine in a restaurant. At this time of year, the City of Light lives up to its nickname more than ever. Head off for a walk around the wonderfully illuminated streets in the approach to Christmas. A warm and festive atmosphere takes over the capital. With the Christmas celebrations fast approaching and the new year about to get off to a flying start, there's no shortage of things to do and events to attend.

By Paris Attitude | | 5 min

Expat: Getting a Mortgage in France


There’s a lot more that makes France appealing to visitors than just the food, wine, and weather. The country also boasts some of the most affordable property prices, which means that buying property in France is a great choice for any expat looking to make their experience of the French lifestyle more permanent.

By Paris Attitude | | 4 min
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