As the school year is starting, what are the must-do student activities and events?

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A new academic year has arrived, which means it's time to organize your schedule and spare some moments to relax, practice sports, and go out with friends to unwind.

Contrary to what you may think, it is possible to practice sports in Paris and have fun without maxing out your very tight budget. Here’s a useful guide to things to do in Paris, with student outings, activities and events.

A little sport to take care of the body without hurting the wallet

University sports

People tend to forget that universities offer a wide range of sporting activities, at almost no cost! Indeed, you only pay for the license to compete (a few dozen euros) to take part in national and international tournaments via the Fédération française du sport universitaire (French Federation of University Sports).

Students in Paris and the Île de France department can practice sports in their university by contacting the CROUS or the SUAPS (University Services for Physical and Sports Activities). You can take on two to three different activities per semester, supervised by specialized teachers, at various levels (discovery, initiation, advanced, competition).


Even though registration procedures and fees may vary between institution, rates remain very attractive.

Note: Practicing sports in university allows you to validate units of value (UV) that can grant you additional points or bonuses at the end of the semester.

Here are some addresses...

Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris II Panthéon-Assas, Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris III, Paris Descartes, Paris Université Club

The PUC is an association based in the Charléty stadium offering a myriad of sports to practice individually or collectively ˗ including on the weekend and bank holidays ˗ for a very attractive annual fee.

The club uses numerous sports facilities, mainly at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris and the Charléty stadium. That's a great way to start practicing triathlon, baseball, dance, etc. Simply choose your activity on the website homepage to discover the time and place to practice it.

Sports clubs and gyms

]While they remained unaffordable for a long time, gyms are now offering subscriptions for under 30 euros per month, with almost non-stop access to the devices. Depending on the formula, they also give you access to the sauna area, and group lessons in staggered hours.

Many have adopted the low-cost approach and established themselves as chains. It's time to take advantage of it! Among the most popular and “friendliest” in Paris, we can mention the following:

Keepcool, Neoness, Fitness Park, Gymlib

You can also practice sports in town through associationsstudent-sports-international-university

The district or suburban councils offer a range of a physical activities.

For example, the Paris Roller association has been offering roller-skating hikes in Paris on Friday evenings for several years.

The “Danse aux Arts” association in Paris offers free rock or salsa lessons to students. For more information, visit the association's website.

Special student discounts

One of the great advantages of being a student is the card associated with the status. Issued by the school or university, it entitles students to a plethora of significant reductions. Other organizations, such as the ISIC, offer international student cards, valid for one school year (13 euros), enabling students to get discounts when practicing sports or other activities.

Going out in Paris for small budgets

Treating yourself to a restaurant meal, being entertained, going out and having fun on a small budget... Great deals in Paris allow you to take full advantage of your student status without breaking the bank!

Cinema, exhibitions, concerts, theater: how to go out at a low cost

Do you want to watch a film for free? The Forum des Images, located at the Forum des Halles (Paris 1er), is a cultural institution of the City of Paris devoted to cinema and audiovisual media that offers free access to watch a selection of over 6,500 films and documentaries.

  • Off to the theater! On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, private theaters in Paris offer 1st category seats for only 10 euros to young people under 26. Reservations can be made over the phone or at the ticket office.
  • Free temples of culture, the “kiosques jeunes” (kiosks for the youth) are still unknown! However, they offer invitations for all types of shows to young people between 13 and 30. With those, people can attend plays, light shows, underground performances, one-man shows by new or experienced artists, concerts, sports competitions, circus shows, etc.

The principle is simple: without prior registration, you just need to go to the kiosk to enjoy great deals. You will receive a maximum of 2 vouchers for 2 people (reduced rate or free invitation) to exchange at the ticket office of a show.

Three of those kiosks currently exist in Paris; in the Goutte d'Or neighborhood, in the Marais and at the Champ de Mars. That's a fantastic way for two people to go out at a cheap price!

Student parties, events

You’re wondering how to spend time in Paris? Nothing is easier than to go out and have fun at a student party! Numerous events for young people are organized in Paris and a specialized website lists all of them.
Open and free events such as the famous “nuit blanche” (sleepless night) on October 7th and, throughout the year, festivals, concerts, movies and other animations punctuate the cultural life of Paris.

Accessible to all, these events, some of which return each season, allow you to entertain yourself without spending a cent! They include the European night of museums, the "printemps des rues" (spring in the streets), etc. You can find out more about them on Parisinfo or on etudiant.aujourdhuiinternational-universities-paris

The best Parisian neighborhoods to enjoy yourself among young people

Renowned for its constant animation, Mouffetard is an unmissable area of Parisian nightlife. Rue Mouffetard and its adjacent streets are always populated by student revelers. This is one of the best places to have a drink and go out without breaking the bank. Among the best addresses: The Student Bar, The Wall, or the Chouff'bar for beer lovers.

In the Marais, a lively, trendy and cosmopolitan area, the Bého is a bar-restaurant-karakoe with a warm atmosphere, while the Sherry Butt and its New York style remains an excellent place to sip a cocktail in an elegant and casual atmosphere.

The Latin Quarter, ideal for nightlife, has a number of lively bars such as the Chai Antoine or the Pants, highly appreciated by the students for its attractive prices.

Bastille is also a well-known neighborhood for students, who meet at Entre-Potes, Zéro-Zéro, unusual and festive bars, or at the Motel, that, despite its unattractive facade, holds many surprises inside, with a guaranteed great atmosphere and drinks at very low prices.


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