Using Local Travel Options for a Unique Parisian Experience

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Download the RATP city transit system app will help you plan trips, within Metro, velib, RER and make it easy to catch transit.

Let Parisians Take You Around Their City

Unique vehicles

When you arrive in Paris, you'll notice the variety of ways that people in Paris travel around. Businesspeople, tourists, couples, and families cross Paris in the latest limousines, classic vehicles, or top quality public transit.

With complex and often aggressive traffic patterns in a city laid out hundreds of years ago, alternatives to self-driving are a very wise choice. Car services, ubiquitous and friendly taxis, an extensive transit system, and uniquely Parisian options such as "2CV" classic French car tours help you get where you're going - and enjoy the ride. Last option, explore the city in a rental car, or with an experienced local driver who is fluent in your own language.

public transport system in the capitalBe sport

For a slower pace, human-powered options include neighborhood walks, easy bike rental from automated stalls throughout the city, and quaint "Tuk-Tuk" rides.

Apps connect you to every other transportation

When you travel to Paris, make sure your phone has data service for app-based transportation options. Purchasing the RATP city transit system app will help you plan trips, give you access to extensive maps, and make it easy to catch transit spontaneously when you need it.

If you prefer, the Velib app allows you to connect with bicycle rentals across the city. "Taxis G7," "eCab" and Paris' own "Le Taxi" app help you reserve or, in the case of "Le Taxi", "e-hail" a cab by putting your request out for drivers to notice and pick you up.

Uber is also an option, and the app-based transportation market is quickly evolving. For the latest information, check with us to see which apps are preferred.

Let the staff at Paris Attitude help you organize your local Paris travel trips with the most efficient and enjoyable transportation options to join your Parisian rental.

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