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What does the role of tenant consultant entail at Paris Attitude? We help our clients to choose the apartment (fully furnished) according to their requirements.

Caroline, a tenant consultant, is telling us about her job

What does the role of tenant consultant entail?

Knowing how to listen! Future tenants do not all have the same expectations. I give them advice depending on their requirements and I customise my searches according to their wishes. I describe the different neighbourhoods in Paris to find the best solutions for them.

But my role goes beyond that since our agency Paris Attitude assists future tenants throughout their tenancy. We make sure different stages run smoothly such as the handing over of keys, the return of the apartment and the security deposit.

My role is to be first and foremost a chosen intermediary throughout thetenancy. People find that very reassuring, especially if it is the first time they have ever been to Paris!

What are the main qualities you need to be a tenant consultant at Paris Attitude?

I think you definitely have to be proactive. Understand and anticipate the expectations of future tenants, by offering them extra services relating to their stay such as tenants’ insurance or a chauffeur-driven car. The ability to listen and good interpersonal skills are also necessary. Quite simply, being human!

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What are your criteria for suggesting one apartment over another one?

The choice of apartment offered rests on one key factor: going to great lengths so that the tenant forgets he is renting and feels like he is in his own home! Budget, length of stay, decorative style, means of transport, whether the reason for renting is for study, work or pleasure… My role is to take all these factors into consideration so that I can offer the most suitable apartment.

What is the average lease term? 

That all depends on the tenant’s reason for coming to Paris, be it a holiday, business trip, alone or as a family… We offer apartments for terms of between one week to over a year.

How do you market apartments to future tenants?

Paris Attitude has a page for each apartment on its website, with lots of details and several photos of each room, a full description of equipment, the neighbourhood it is in, transport and a map showing where the apartment is located. From now on, for our new apartments, we are offering a plan of the layout of the apartment. Comprehensive, clear information to enable future tenants to choose their future home, for a week or over a year… 

What is the profile of your tenants?

That is the beauty of my job. We have lots of different profiles: companies sending their staff on assignments in Paris, Parisians in transition after a change in their personal circumstances or having work done in their own apartment, expatriates coming back to visit their family, impatriates, students, people coming for medical programmes, tourists from all over the world … There’s a different offer for each different profile…

Are these tenant profiles handled differently than tenants for traditional rentals?

Tenants have very mixed profiles. We have tenants of all nationalities. Furthermore, the 40 commercial consultants at Paris Attitude speak nearly 10 languages. Also, most tenants are unfamiliar with Paris or only know very little about it. They are looking for a turn-key apartment, equipped with bed linen, kitchen utensils, the Internet and so on. We make sure that we are constantly adapting so that our tenants are comfortable!

If I would like to rent an apartment with Paris Attitude, what should I do?

You are very welcome. We can talk about it now, sort out what you would like and I’m sure I’ll be able to find what you’re looking for. If you would like to find out about our extensive rental offers and services, you can visit our website at

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