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Nobody wants to cancel a stay in Paris, whether it was booked a long time ago or not, but sometimes you must do it because of compelling circumstances.


Cancellation insurance covers you effectively against the most common risks.


Why choose a “cancellation/interruption of stay” insurance?


You booked one of our 6,000 apartments for your next Parisian stay but you must suddenly cancel.


The cancellation rules established with the owners of our apartments being strict, Paris Attitude strongly advises you to take out a “cancellation/interruption of stay” insurance to be reimbursed for expenses already incurred if an unforeseeable event beyond your control requires you to cancel your stay.


Good news: this insurance also allows you to be reimbursed for the rents you have already paid in case you need to interrupt your stay.


Taking out a “cancellation/interruption of stay” insurance is by no means mandatory, but to provide for contingencies before or during your stay, it’s best to be well insured!


When to take out a cancellation/interruption of stay insurance?


The warranties apply automatically, provided that the insurance was taken out before the start of the rental period, and within a maximum of 10 days from the signing of the lease or payment of the deposit.


The price of insurance represents 3.5% of the total price of your rental (rents + agency fees).


Here’s an example to better understand the purpose of the “cancellation/interruption of stay” insurance:


You booked a 3-room apartment in the center of Paris for a period of 3 months.
At the time of booking, you paid agency fees, plus the first month’s rent upfront


First monthly rent paid: €3,000
Agency fees paid: €180
Total amount of the rental: €9,180 (3 months’ rent + agency fees)
Cost of cancellation of stay insurance: 3.5% of the total amount of the rental

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If you are forced to cancel your reservation before the start date of your stay:





Insurance cost



Amount reimbursed


€3,000 + €180 reimbursed by the cancellation insurance

Amount you won’t get back




By taking out the cancellation insurance, the amount you paid upfront will automatically be reimbursed. You will only need to pay the cost of the insurance.


What amounts are reimbursed?


In case of cancellation of the lease, insurance company Groupama offers the tenant the guaranteed reimbursement of the sums paid upfront as a deposit, plus the agency fees, with a limit of €15,000 per claim

In case of interruption of the rental, insurance company Groupama offers the insured tenant the guaranteed reimbursement of the sums paid upfront as rent with a limit of €15,000 per claim.

In addition, no deductible will be required.


For what type of stay does this “cancellation/interruption of stay” insurance apply?


Whether you are booking an apartment for a few months or years, we offer you the option of taking out cancellation insurance to cover the most common risks.


What are the risks covered by the “cancellation/interruption of stay” insurance?


Several types of risks are covered by our cancellation insurance. These include the death of a close family member, dismissal by your employer, theft of your ID or transport documents, personal accidents or health problems, or a declined visa, etc…


In any case, for the costs to be covered, the reason for cancellation must:

  • be provided in the insurance contract
  • have taken place after the underwriting of the insurance
  • be unpredictable when taking out the insurance
  • be unintentional.


To learn more about the warranties, please click here

We wish you a pleasant stay in Paris!

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