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“The Paris Attitude rental process is simple and quick.”

Alexandra, tell us about yourself

I’m Romanian, I am 20 years old, and I am studying in Paris. I have been on an Erasmus exchange since August 2013, until June 2014.

Why did you choose Paris Attitude?

Because I am going to be in Paris for 10 months, staying in a hotel was inconceivable. It would have been too expensive, and the setting is too impersonal for such a long stay. An apartment rental is more appropriate, because the price is much more reasonable. In my Parisian apartment rented through Paris Attitude, I am set up just like if I were at home…that would be quite simply impossible in a hotel.

How did you find out about Paris Attitude?

A friend living in Paris told me about the Paris Attitude website. And I signed up, because the web interface has a very professional look. What’s more, I quickly got replies to my emails, unlike other agencies.

Did you find it easy to use the site?

It was easy to find an apartment, because I could customize my search and find exactly what I needed. The search system is simple and pleasant. Also, one single person worked on my application from start to finish.

How did your advisor help you?

In the beginning, she helped me find exactly what I needed, which is what I wanted. She was very patient, because it was hard to decide, because I was going to rent the apartment with another student.

In fact, since Paris Attitude has such a dense selection, my roommate had some very specific criteria…The advisor handled sending my application to the owners of the apartments I was interested in and I got a reply in time for school to start…

And consequently an apartment that my roommate and I could move into. The advisor provided me with contact information for the owner, who gave me the keys directly, and she helped me with the payment formalities. The rental process is simple and quick. Everything was done online; I never had to go to the Paris Attitude office.

Did the apartment meet your expectations?

I was happy to see the apartment totally matched what I chose online. It is clean and comfortable. I feel at home there.

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