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Paris Attitude is a real estate agency in Paris specialized in temporary and long term furnished rentals. We offer a wide range of furnished and fully equipped apartments in all district of Paris.
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France Travel Tips: administrative formalities and practical information

By Paris Attitude | | Read : 5 min

France is one of the best places to choose in case of relocation somewhere in the world for long term purposes (studies, work, etc.) because of its touristic places, social life and culture.

This article aims at informing travelers on the administrative formalities related to the trip to France, as well as giving him practical ideas on the stay in the country.

Adapting to a new culture: what are the 5 typical stages of culture shock?

Expats Paris

Nowadays, adapting to a new culture is a very important and unavoidable issue if you need to travel or live abroad. Indeed, it is better to be prepared before that because everybody can have difficulties to adapt to a new culture.

Thus, in this article we will focus on the cultural shock that a traveler may encounter and describe their symptoms. Secondly, we will see the stages of cultural adjustment and finally five ways of coping with stress.

By Paris Attitude | | 5 min

American Expats in Paris: Way to make American Friends

Tenant Expats Paris

Whatever your reasons for moving to Paris, making new friends will be an important and exciting part of the adventure.

The first few weeks will find you busy settling into your new environment while taking the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Parisian culture around you.

As the weeks go on, however, to minimize the risk of homesickness or isolation, it's important to take proactive steps towards making new friends and searching out other American expats in Paris.

By Paris Attitude | | 3 min

Recently arrived in Paris? These are the big five challenges you might face and how to deal with them.

Expats Paris

Paris is an increasingly popular destination for the thousands of expat (mostly Europeans) that decide to start a new more relaxed and carefree lifestyle in the city of light. This beautiful city has so much to offer like breathtaking sights and scenery. 

By Paris Attitude | | 4 min

Expats Living in Paris: Expat Life in Paris

Expats Paris


Moving to a new country is always an exciting time, a real adventure whether you're relocating on your own or with your family. Part of the fun is finding somewhere to live in a district near your place of work, university or college. At Paris Attitude, we have a wide portfolio of furnished apartments in the city making us ideally placed to help you find your new home from home. 

By Paris Attitude | | 3 min

This is why Accommodation shouldn’t worry you when you’re planning your Expatriation adventure to Paris.

Tenant Expats Paris

It’s not an exaggeration to say that getting an accommodation in Paris is not an easy task most especially for foreigners that are planning to come to the city either on vacation or to live here permanently.

By Paris Attitude | | 3 min

Secrets Shared From a Taiwanese Expat

Tenant Expats Paris

Jessy, the expatriate from Taiwan

Can you please introduce yourself?

By Paris Attitude | | 2 min
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