According to an annual study by Expat Insider, about 56 to 57 millions people around the world are expatriates. Among them, we count 56 % of women, 44 % of men.

In this guide you will find:

  1. Set your goals as a company and for the expatriate
  2. Set the budget for the whole expatriation depending on the mobility package 
  3. Follow the internal process to organise the departure of the employee
  4. What are the administrative papers to fill?
  5. Take care of your health
  6. Tax obligation
  7. Plan your relocation
  8. Looking for a job abroad? What are the solutions?
  9. How to get information on entrepreneurship abroad?
  10. What are the administrative papers for university studies abroad?
  11. My child wants to follow a french school programme abroad ?
  12. How can i benefit from financial help to put my child in a school abroad? 
  13. What are the solutions to children's care?
  14. I still get in touch abroad 
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