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Paris Attitude is a real estate agency in Paris specialized in temporary and long term furnished rentals. We offer a wide range of furnished and fully equipped apartments in all district of Paris.
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What visa should I get to come and live in Paris?

By Paris Attitude | | Read : 5 min

France has multiple agreements with other countries. Most of the time it automatically grants you a short-term visa of 90 days if you are coming on holiday for a shot of the French “art-de-vivre”.

Coming to study in France: What budget should you plan?

Practical-information studying in France student life

Coming to France to study is a dream or a soon-to-be reality for many foreign students. The quality of its education, its “art-de vivre” and its rich yet accessible cultural resources make it a very desirable country to spend a year or two while learning new competences from French language to French cuisine but also business, law, science, etc.

By Paris Attitude | | 4 min

What to do in Paris during the Autumn months of September, October and November

Practical-information discover capital expatriates Living in Paris popular destination famous monuments expatriation

As the weather gets cooler and the leaves of the trees take on their flamboyant autumn colors, Paris slowly says goodbye to summer.

The capital, however, doesn't prepare to go into hibernation, quite the opposite. Autumn is the season of the new school year but also a season rich in cultural twists and turns.

So even if the days are getting shorter and the winter season promises a little less daylight, in theaters, art galleries, exhibitions halls, and restaurants a host of events are getting underway.

By Paris Attitude | | 6 min

Medical tourism: French treatments and innovations

Practical-information Living in Paris

France has long been a very popular travel destination, as foreigners from all around the world are attracted by its renowned culture, gastronomy, and heritage, but they are also increasingly interested in the leading-edge medical treatments they can receive in the country.

France is indeed a major player in terms of research, innovation and technology, and offers several health specializations. Paris Attitude examines the rising popularity of medical tourism in France, with a study of the reasons explaining this attraction, followed by a presentation of some of the most impressive medical innovations by French doctors in the past few years.

By Paris Attitude | | 4 min

Long stay in Paris: How to open a French bank account ?

Practical-information Living in Paris

If you are moving to France and planning on staying for more than just a holiday or short work placement you will need to open a French bank account. Indeed, if you wish to rent a property, having a bank account is obligatory.

Moving to any new country presents a bureaucratic or financial challenge, especially when different and unfamiliar languages and currencies are involved. With a little planning and preparation, however, you will soon have your new French bank account set up and ready to use.

By Paris Attitude | | 7 min

France Travel Tips: administrative formalities and practical information

Practical-information Living in Paris

France is one of the best places to choose in case of relocation somewhere in the world for long term purposes (studies, work, etc.) because of its touristic places, social life and culture.

This article aims at informing travelers on the administrative formalities related to the trip to France, as well as giving him practical ideas on the stay in the country.

By Paris Attitude | | 4 min

Parisian Public Transport

Practical-information Living in Paris

With its abundance of regular and reliable public transportation systems, both getting to Paris and traveling around the city is easy. From exploring the city's attractions to office or college commuting, you're never far from a convenient method of transport.

By Paris Attitude | | 4 min

Understanding the French housing benefits and the eligibility


Before travelling to France, you must enquire about the country's culture and habits as well as the legal disposition and security schemes to facilitate the stay, especially in case of long term stay. The purpose of this article is to enlighten travelers for job, study, medical or other reasons on how to better understand housing benefits and eligibility in France.

By Paris Attitude | | 7 min

Adapting to a new culture: what are the 5 typical stages of culture shock?

Practical-information Living in Paris

Nowadays, adapting to a new culture is a very important and unavoidable issue if you need to travel or live abroad. Indeed, it is better to be prepared before that because everybody can have difficulties to adapt to a new culture.

Thus, in this article we will focus on the cultural shock that a traveler may encounter and describe their symptoms. Secondly, we will see the stages of cultural adjustment and finally five ways of coping with stress.

By Paris Attitude | | 4 min

Where do expats eat in paris ? 10 Best Places to eat in Paris

Practical-information Best places Living in Paris

Where do expats eat in Paris?

Early morning coffee and croissants, long leisurely lunches, and high-end dining at some of the city's culinary hotspots are all going to be part of your Parisian adventure. While great cafes and restaurants can be found right across the city, our guide points you to the 10 best places to eat in Paris, places favored by both locals and visitors alike.

By Paris Attitude | | 3 min
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