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Advice to Start a Career in a Foreign Country

By Paris Attitude | | Read : 4 min

Congratulations! You’ve just finished your studies and now you’re looking to pursue your dream job. Even after all those years of academia, getting into the world of employment can feel like a daunting adventure. Also, for experienced professionals looking for a new challenge, it can feel intimidating to cross borders for career progression.

8 Essential Tips For Future Expat


An expat is exposed to a lot of opportunities to expand and grow as an individual. From picking up new skills to traveling the world, meeting new people, and learning about other cultures, there’s a lot that living abroad has to offer. Whether you’re already in your new host country, or if you are still preparing to go there, here are 8 tips to help you experience success as an expat.

By Paris Attitude | | 4 min

How to prepare your move abroad as a family


Going to live abroad, whether for professional or other reasons, needs to be planned and organized ahead of time, especially where there are children involved. To ensure the move goes as smoothly as possible for everyone, it's a good idea to divide the process into certain specific steps. Administrative formalities, organizing the move, preparing the children — these are some of the essential steps you need to take.

By Paris Attitude | | 5 min

The Five Best Neighborhoods in Paris for a Family

Expatriation Housing

Famed for being a richly-historic city, that is dotted with implausible museums and monuments, Paris has so much to offer. There is a lot to do and see in France's capital. It is, therefore, crucial to select a great and serene area to settle in with your family.

By Paris Attitude | | 4 min

All you need to know about expatriation assignment


Last week, one of your favorite colleagues left for Paris to live there for the next three years. Yes, Paris, the same beautiful city you spent your honeymoon five years ago.

By Paris Attitude | | 3 min

The best - and the worst! - about an expat assignment.


Expatriates usually have this fancy aura around them. There is always someone who knows someone who is living the dream as a foreign employee in Paris, Tokyo or New York.

But if you read the numerous personal blogs from expatriates worldwide, it seems that what is supposed to be the perfect experience can sometimes turn into a bittersweet story.

Depending on a number of things, moving abroad as an expat can be either amazing or deceiving. So it’s crucial to study ALL aspects of expatriation and to differentiate reality from fantasy.

If you decide to become an expat, you will need to prepare carefully your arrival and settling in but also when the time comes, your return home. In the meanwhile here are some of the main advantages and downsides of expatriation to keep in mind.What are the main benefits and issues when sending an employee abroad?

For the company, sending employees to affiliates can represent a valuable investment or a waste of time and money.

By Paris Attitude | | 6 min

Focus on female expatriates: what are their motivations and their challenges?


Female expatriates are becoming more and more prominent today, as traditional roles are shifting, and the world is changing, allowing for new ways to live and work. While their number is growing, they are not a monolithic entity, and women who choose to expatriate are working either for multinationals who send them on international assignments, or self-employed entrepreneurs.

Also, they can be single, married, with or without children. The important question we can ask is why companies are now willing to choose a woman instead of her male counterparts. Paris Attitude decided to focus on the motivations that push women to choose expatriation, and the challenges they face.

By Paris Attitude | | 6 min

France Travel Tips: administrative formalities and practical information

Expatriation Pratical information

France is one of the best places to choose in case of relocation somewhere in the world for long term purposes (studies, work, etc.) because of its touristic places, social life and culture.

This article aims at informing travelers on the administrative formalities related to the trip to France, as well as giving him practical ideas on the stay in the country.

By Paris Attitude | | 4 min

Adapting to a new culture: what are the 5 typical stages of culture shock?


Nowadays, adapting to a new culture is a very important and unavoidable issue if you need to travel or live abroad. Indeed, it is better to be prepared before that because everybody can have difficulties to adapt to a new culture.

Thus, in this article we will focus on the cultural shock that a traveler may encounter and describe their symptoms. Secondly, we will see the stages of cultural adjustment and finally five ways of coping with stress.

By Paris Attitude | | 4 min

Recently arrived in Paris? These are the big five challenges you might face and how to deal with them.


Paris is an increasingly popular destination for the thousands of expat (mostly Europeans) that decide to start a new more relaxed and carefree lifestyle in the city of light. This beautiful city has so much to offer like breathtaking sights and scenery. 

By Paris Attitude | | 3 min
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